#SmartMob to play #Trumpified by .@ScottIsbell_  at #TrumpRally How its gonna work

#SmartMob to play #Trumpified by .@ScottIsbell_ at #TrumpRally How its gonna work

  1. Download Trumpified.mp3 Here
  2. Prepare to play Trumpifed on your phone with other #Trumpiteers at xx:xx time.
  3. Tweet @TrumpifiedRadio  or go to contact us
  4. Tell two others to do the same while at the rally give them the link http://Trumpified.net/smartmobtrumpifed / have them download the mp3 from Trumpified.net/smartmobtrumpified
  5. Do it again at xx:xx time tell more people give them link at rally if possible pass out flyer with link.

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